Public Private Partnerships and Major Projects Consultancy

At Procunomics, we offer a comprehensive range of services for PPPs and major project advisory, helping our clients successfully plan, manage, and execute complex projects. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals possesses the competence and skills required to provide expert guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. We specialize in various aspects of PPPs and major projects.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility study

Conducting early-stage analyses to provide stakeholders with essential information for project approval and investment decisions.

Procurement and rendering process

Assisting clients in navigating the unique considerations and complexities of the PPP procurement and tender process.

Contract negotiation and preparation
  • Advising on contract preparation, structuring, and management throughout the PPP process cycle.
  • Reviewing PPP agreements and project contracts in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
PPP project management

Guiding clients through the standard PPP process cycle, including project economics analysis, screening, detailed appraisal, and technical solutions evaluation.

Risk management
  • Identifying and assessing major risks inherent in PPP projects across sectors.
  • Allocating risks between stakeholders according to international best practices.
  • Providing guidance on risk mitigation strategies once risk allocation is determined.
Dispute resolution
  • Offering legal consultancy on the interpretation and enforcement of public procurement laws.
  • Representing parties before tribunals and courts of law in PPP contract disputes.
  • Expertise in domestic and international arbitration for PPP-related disputes.
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