About us

We help our customers develop sustainable sourcing strategies

Procunomics is a global company founded in Kenya offering services across Africa. Our main objective is to help businesses streamline and optimise their supply chain management. Our core other services are capital projects consulting, deals or projects sourcing, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and international business market entry and related transaction advisory services that connect local and international corporates as well as governments with sustainable investments opportunities.

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Our mission

To support organizations to perform better, be sustainable and serve people. We are a procurement and supply chain management and consulting firm that embodies best business practices by combining efficiency, agility, proactivity, responsibility and humanity.

Our values
  • Customer obsession
  • Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Professional excellence
Our vision

Improve our customer’s value significantly.

Our areas of work

Airports and supporting facilities

The Judiciary Courthouses and correctional facilities

Ministry of Defense

Educational facilities

Gas transmission and distribution systems

Government buildings and related facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Ports and marine terminals

Power and transmission facilities and systems

Public housing

Rail, including passenger rail and mass transit

Roads and bridges

Sports stadia and recreational facilities

Technology, including broadband and telecommunications

Waste and waste-to-energy

Our clients include project sponsors and developers, lenders, equity investors, operators, contractors and governmental entities across the globe, and we provide them with a full range of PPP legal services including drafting and negotiating concession agreements, equity transactions, debt and capital markets transactions and construction and engineering agreements. We also provide related tax, real estate, environmental law, labor and employment and permitting advice from offices across the globe.

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