International Business Market Entry Consulting Services

At Procunomics, we offer comprehensive trade advisory services to foreign companies seeking to enter new markets and establish business, manufacturing, and sales operations. We understand that globalization, coupled with rapid technological advancements, presents both exciting opportunities and risks for businesses venturing into foreign markets. Our services are designed to help overcome barriers to entry, including language barriers, cultural differences, exchange rate fluctuations, and the effects of foreign politics, policies, and relations. We provide careful business planning and market analysis to ensure successful market entry.

Our services

At Procunomics, our goal is to help foreign companies navigate the complexities of entering new markets, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities for success. We combine market expertise, strategic planning, and customized support to ensure a seamless and profitable entry into foreign markets.

Market Analysis and Information Service

  • Conducting in-depth market analysis tailored to the unique needs of your business.
  • Providing information on legal and regulatory entry requirements.
  • Assessing market size, growth trends, and future forecasts.
  • Analyzing market segmentation, competitors, distribution channels, and market entry strategies.
  • Evaluating prevailing conditions, political and socio-economic risks, and offering strategies for risk mitigation.

Facilitating Entry to market

  • Assisting in formulating an itinerary for your entry into the host country.
  • Arranging initial briefings, familiarization meetings, and networking events.
  • Assisting with business vehicle setup and registration.
  • Conducting commercial due diligence.
  • Facilitating the procurement of necessary licenses and permits for regulatory compliance.

Exporter Development Service

  • Equipping businesses with the knowledge and services needed to expand and succeed in international markets.
  • Conducting export readiness assessments.
  • Advising on organizational and financial planning methodologies.
  • Evaluating supply chain and logistics service requirements.
  • Providing export compliance audits and specialized services for international expansion.
  • Formulating export marketing plans and facilitating connections with potential overseas markets and suppliers.
  • Collaborating with other organizations to offer training courses for exporter capacity building.
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